President, CEO & COO
Takeo Watanabe

Information technology has continued to advance at dizzying speed in recent years. Economic activity has being streamlined beyond the limits of politics, space, and time as new business is created and the structures of society and industry undergo global and far-reaching changes.

Tachibana Eletech was founded in 1921 as a wholesaler of electrical products and a contractor of electrical work. It later became a sales agent of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and established a firm position in the industry as “a company specializing in industrial electrical equipment” with strengths in products such as motors and circuit breakers. Utilizing these strengths, in 1976 we began selling semiconductors, other electronic components, and equipment in addition to sales of ordinary electrical equipment. At the same time, we also developed electrical equipment hardware and software as we worked to become a “technology-driven trading company” that also provides technical services. Since then, we have actively engaged in joint development with supplier manufacturers, strengthened our application engineering services for corporate customers, and developed as a technology-driven trading company that can satisfy increasingly advanced and diverse needs.

Tachibana Eletech celebrates its 100th anniversary on September 1, 2021. Based on our corporate philosophy of “contributing to society by delivering superior products and the latest technologies to industry customers as a technology-driven trading company in electrical and electronic fields, ”we will continue to utilize our policies of “Change” and “Challenge” to achieve large “Jump-up.” We will work so that we can also establish overseas, centering on China and Southeast Asia, the same position as “a technology-driven trading company” that we have constructed in Japan, aiming to become “a great technology-driven trading company” that supports industry in Asia.

We will continue to meet the expectations of all stakeholders and maintain our efforts to be a trusted corporation. We ask for your continued support in the future.