Hisanobu Nunoyama
President, COO

My name is Hisanobu Nunoyama, and I was recently appointed President, CEO & COO, effective June 29. I am determined to devote myself to the development of Tachibana Eletech’s business and ask for the continued guidance and encouragement of our stakeholders.

Tachibana Eletech celebrated its 100th anniversary on September 1, 2021.
The company was founded in 1921 as a wholesaler of electrical products and a contractor of electrical work. It later became a sales agent of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and established a firm position in the industry as “a company specializing in industrial electrical equipment.” Leveraging our strengths, we began selling semiconductors as well as other electronic components and equipment in addition to ordinary electrical equipment. At the same time, we worked to become a “technology-driven trading company” that also provides technical services. Since then, we have actively engaged in joint development with supplier manufacturers, strengthened our application engineering services for corporate customers, and developed as a technology-driven trading company that can satisfy increasingly advanced and diverse needs.

We are currently working on a new medium to long term management plan, “NEW C.C.J2200,” with the aim of becoming “a company that achieves stable growth for 200 years.” Toward that end, we are promoting the following three key strategies.

1. Realization of sales strategies adapted to the new era
We will improve our sales and technical capabilities so as to be able to make proposals that combine hardware, which are tangibles, with system technology, which are intangibles, instead of dealing just with tangibles , as symbolized by the single-product sales business.
2. Strengthening the foundation for structural improvement
In order to make our organization more responsive to changes in the environment, we will promote a two-pronged improvement of our corporate structure, including the introduction of office automation in internal operations and the reform of our personnel system.
3. We will aim to acquire a customer base capable of generating sales of at least 200 billion yen on an ongoing basis.

We have started our journey into our next 100 years. The Tachibana Group will continue to take on challenges, further strengthening our position as a technology-driven trading company of choice in the coming future society, and we look forward to your continued support.