Business Contents

“Development capability” and “proposal capability” of a technology-driven trading company

With advanced techniques and an expansive power of imagination,
Tachibana Eletech is pursuing new possibilities for technologies, specialized in semiconductors and electronic devices that support technical innovations in industry fields, and FA components.

Factory Automation Systems

Tachibana Eletech core business dedicated to the creation of manufacturing.

We identify issues in each workplace and provide fine-tuned solutions to the frontlines of the manufacturing industry, where continual “innovation” is required.

Semiconductors and Electronic Devices

Our technical support can meet a broad range of needs.

We offer a wide variety of semiconductors and devices from manufacturers in Japan and overseas to meet the needs of our customers. We also have a large record of success in technical support, including support for development of microcomputer software and FPGA*1, as well as original ASSP*2 product development.

  1. FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array): Programmable LSI
  2. ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product): LSI with specialized functions and purpose
Building Services Systems

Producing spaces that are comfortable for people and industrial equipment

We provide a wide range of products for production environments and building environments. For production, we offer products, equipment, and safety systems that create optimal spaces in terms of temperature, brightness, and cleanness. For buildings, we offer air conditioning, elevators, security systems, and other systems. By combining these products, we are able to create total systems that are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Manufacturing Services

A specialist in electronic device manufacture and metal working

We are engaged in EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) that provides contracted design and production of electronic devices, and also in MMS (Metal Manufacturing Service) that provides contracted manufacture of worked metal products. In our EMS business, we have an extensive record of contracting success for a wide range of manufacturing from circuit boards to completed products. In our MMS business, we contract manufacturing of products such as metal materials used in train cars and pallets for vertical parking garages, carry out production at overseas factories, and deliver low-cost, high-quality products.

Overseas Operations

To be a the company that grows together with Asia

Since the Singapore Office was established in 1982, we have steadily advanced our overseas business. In 2012, we established Tachibana Overseas Holdings Ltd. in Hong Kong, as a holding company to control overseas subsidiaries. We are actively expanding our FA systems business, semiconductor and device business, and other business in China, Singapore, and other major East Asia and Southeast Asia nations.