Corporate Philosophy/Management Vision

Since its founding in 1921, Tachibana Eletech has developed into a as a technology-driven trading company focused on electrical and electronic products and services.
In 2001 a name changed from Tachibana Shokai to Tachibana Eletech, reflected the increased focus on proposal-based sales that offering technological solutions to issues customers face. Amid these challenging economic times, the path towards success lies in correcting the course and contributing to society ahead of the curve. We are boldly pushing ahead and creating a new Tachibana Eletech brand, with particular focus on the five areas listed below.
In October 2008 we implemented an internal reform project, entitled C.A.P.UP1500, meant to strengthen the company organization to achieve efficient, high-quality operations. We are immensely grateful for your ongoing encouragement and support as we forge this path towards victory.

Constantly raising customer satisfaction

Tachibana Eletech, wishes be the trading company that customers choose, and making us a trading partner that others can turn to—one that is only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.That is how we persevere through whatever changes may come.

A company is its people: pursuing comprehensive HR development

A company relies on the support of excellent staff. Obviously, equipping employees with the necessary technical and product knowledge is important, but beyond this, we at Tachibana Eletech are focused on comprehensive, individualized and well-rounded HR development. Such training is an integral step in ensuring that our employees earn customer trust and appreciation from society. At Risshikan, our residential training center, we carry out a program entitled the “Human Training Hall,” where participants learn to be more resourceful, well-rounded individuals. In this program, employees study work skills, life skills and interpersonal relationship in an organic and uncompartmentalized manner, under the guidance of experienced colleagues who serve as work and life mentors.

Increasing our engineering strengths

One of Tachibana Eletech’s greatest strengths is the wide range of electrical and electronic products we handle. By proposing systems that combine these various products, we can offer customers solutions that go above and beyond expectation. With a trading company background, one fourth of our employees are engineers working on product and system development. Our daily focus is to create better systems for our customers.

Dedicated pursuit of CSR, with a focus on compliance and environmental measures

As public institutions, companies have a range of responsibilities they must fulfill. At Tachibana Eletech we handle a variety of power-saving and environmentally friendly products, and have ample experience in constructing systems to ensure safety and quality. As such, one of the most important ways in which Tachibana Eletech fulfills its own corporate social responsibilities is by helping our customers fulfill theirs.

Engagement with processing and original product development

Many customer demands cannot be met by simply purchasing and selling products. At Tachibana Eletech, our forte lies in our ability to combine parts and create modules, units and components. Our positions as a technology-driven trading company makes us uniquely situated to offer electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and metal manufacturing services (MMS).